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Master Unlock Code Unlock Instructions

How To Unlock T-Mobile Sidekick: 

Via Unlock Code

Model: All Sharp (Motorola model check How to Unlock Motorola)

1. Insert a SIM card from a different network provider and turn on the Sidekick

2. A dialog screen comes up, prompting you for the code

3. The box will say: Title: Special Code Required Dialog: Enter code to enable SIM Box for Code: 1-8 digits Options: Enable or Cancel

4. In the upper right hand corner, the SIM is flashing where the signal strength should be. On entering the code, a dialog box comes up saying authenticating code. It's unlocked. Enjoy


In case you see the “Waiting for Activation Screen”, hit the menu key and the letter L key at the same time. The menu key is the top left key. By doing this, the waiting screen will go away and you will be able to make calls. For best results, hold down Menu and the L key until the Waiting for Activation screen disappears. 


Via Software and License key
Model: Sidekick 3 PV200, Sidekick 2008 PV210, Sidekick LX PV 250, Sidekick 2009 PV300
YouTube Tutorial: 

1. Click DOWNLOAD to save the .exe file onto your desktop.  After download is complete, you need to click to open and run the setup wizard file.  Then you must accept the license agreement and click next.  Leave the window alone for now, we will come back to this window later.

2. Put your Sidekick in "Programming Mode" by open your Sidekick to view keypad, If your phone is On, turn Off your Sidekick now.  If the Sidekick is off.  Press and hold the "W" key while turning on your phone.

3. Connect your Sidekick to your computer using the USB Data Cable.  When "Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard" window popup (XP).  You click Yes and next then next again at instal the software automatically.  When "Cannot install this Hardware" appear, click Finish.  (it is ok for it to fail install Hardware).

4. Now click "Next" and enter User Name (your name) and click "Next". Select Start menu Folder appear, you click "Next" and system will extract the file onto your computer.  Please disconnect the Sidekick from you computer when the program ask you to.

5. DO NOT reconnect your Sidekick yet.  The program now open the Step 1 and you need to click "Next".  If your Sidekick still in "Programming Mode", you need to bypass and click "Next" until the software ask for your License Key and IMEI.  Enter the License Key you provided and click "Next".

6. Now connect your Sidekick when the software ask you to do so.  After you connect the Sidekick to your computer, click "Ready".  A new Window appear and show "Device Connected".  Your Sidekick will turn itself off and on.  You notice your Sidekick Trackball will turn "BLUE", when the Sidekick trackball turn "GREEN", your Sidekick is unlocked.

7. Disconnect your Sidekick and press any key to reboot your Sidekick.  If you Sidekick is waiting for Activation Screen.  You could bypass the Activation Screen by hold the Menu key and press "L" key together.  Enjoy your Sidekick.


Computer Requirements: OS (32bit Operating Systems only): XP, Vista, Windows 7
Sidekick Requirements:

   1. Battery needs 50% charged.

   2. USB Data cable.


Via Login User Name and Password
Model: Sidekick 2009 PV300  
  1. Click DOWNLOAD to save the zip file onto your desktop.  After download is complete, you need to click to open and run the setup wizard file.  Then open the PV300 Instruction text file.
  2. Follow the PV300 Instructions text file.