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Master Unlock Code Unlock Instructions
Why the Unlock Code for my phone IMEI was Not Found? There are many reason why the code is Not Found. Here are the most common reasons.
1.    You buy the wrong "Unlocking Service" or "eBay Listing": For example; your phone is AT&T but you buy an T-Mobile code.
2.    You submitted the wrong IMEI or MEID Dec number: You should always type *#06# on the phone or check in phone status to obtain your IMEI (MEID Dec) number. Never obtain the IMEI (MEID Dec) number from the box or on the sticker behind the battery because the phone may be repackage with different box.
3.    Your IMEI or model is too new: Normally the carriers (AT&T, Rogers) do not release the Unlock Code for 6-12 months (Non-Exclusive model) and 12-24 months (Exclusive model) after they launch. You have two options: First option is buy the code from the manufacture also known as Factory Code. Second option is to wait until your code is release by the carriers.
4.    You submit the wrong information: Our system will check your phone information against what you purchased. If the information does not match, our automated system will return not found. For example; you purchase an LG Mytouch 4G but submitted an HTC Mytouch 4G IMEI.